one heart warriors

Growth | Strength | Direction

One Heart Warriors is a discipleship training program for young adults who are looking for a concentrated time set aside for growth, strength, and direction. Through spiritual education, community, and physical training, we build up confident leaders who are equipped to serve their communities and lead a fulfilling life in Jesus. 


We work out 4-6 times a week and teach how to cook healthy, natural meals. We choose to say no to our wants and desires every day. We work out even if we don’t want to.  Before you know it, you’ve grown accustomed to living healthy.


We want to know God and His ways. By digging in his word, prayer, and scripture memory, we’ll be refined to be more like Him. We’re becoming disciples; disciplined followers of Jesus Christ.


With everything we do there’s a mental pressure because we push ourselves and each other past our assumed limits. We become individuals who won’t quit even in the face of adversity.


We dorm together in Faith Chapel intern housing. We learn to love others as ourselves; to live with one another in understanding and patience. We’re becoming better brothers, sisters, friends, and community members.


We learn basic money training and go through Financial Peace University. We’re becoming good stewards so that we can in turn be a blessing to others. 

Find leadership and growth

One Heart Warriors just might be the program you’ve been loooking for. I’ve designed the program to be an accelterator for your leadership and growth. It’s boot camp, it’s training camp, its awesome! We will challenge you and push you to limits you’ve only dreamed of and once you’ve reached the top we train you to help others reach their potential. It’s not easy but it just might be the very thing that will get you to the next level!