Getting to the Other Side of “Impossible”

by | Jul 8, 2020

How else did you think you’d get there?

There is a look in a person’s eye that I have seen so many times that is priceless. That look is when a person feels like they might die if I go any further. I’ll push people I’m training on a piece of exercise equipment or I’ll set them up to do some event that requires them to public speak. Everyone has pressure points, I just seem to notice them and have a talent to help people to get to the other side of “impossible”.  I absolutely love this look and love pushing people into the impossible.

The reason I love seeing people in this type of stress is not because they are getting pale and about to throw-up which happens most the time but I know this is the point that 99% of people turn back. If they only knew what was on the other side of the fear and pain they would give the little extra push to go there. This is what separates the average from the extraordinary.

In all my years of playing professional football and meeting some of the NFL greats I keep an internal log of what made these guys great. There was nothing noticeably different in them by appearance alone, but the overwhelmingly consistent factor was that they were not afraid to push past the impossible. Impossible in this definition is when someone quits because of pain or fear.  I’ve seen guys in incredibly fearful situations and overwhelming pain but they kept going. These were the people who would be rewarded more often than not.

So when I see pain and fear in people’s eyes that is when I’m about to introduce to them their own greatness. People possess all the greatness they will ever need, they just need to push beyond their impossible. I highly recommend everyone get a coach, no matter what they do in life. A coach is able to push you through your pain and fear and help you see your own greatness. You were created with amazing gifts and talents. Those gifts and talents are buried under fear and pain. Don’t be afraid of your own greatness. How else did you think you would get there!

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My name is Tuff Harris. You might know me from my football playing days were I was tackling people, catching punts and scoring touchdowns. Those were the days! I now help people like you tackle problems, catch a vision and score in life! Stick around and I would love to help you get to the next level with a winning formula that succeeds in an arena!

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